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Ubuntu 11.10 is fantastic, I love it.

Ubuntu 11.10 is fantastic, I love it.
gnome-tweek-tools is a very good program but I would like to inform all users of Ubuntu 11.10. It may be important to know that all those who only want to use Unity and do not want the gnome-shell to be installed will not install gnome-tweek-tools because the program depends on gnome-shell. Install gnome-tweek-tools also installed gnome-shell automatically. I have not installed the gnome-shell on my computer, I use only UnityI discovered this when I was on another computer and installed gnome-tweek-tools in Ubuntu 11.10. I just wanted to inform users of this.

(gnome-shell = gnome 3 desktop manager) link to the gnome 3


Ubuntu 11.10: Choosing a url-searchbar in Nautilus instead of buttons

Ubuntu 11.10: Choosing a url-searchbar in Nautilus instead of buttons

Install dconf editor with this code in terminal:
Code: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

Run then this command in terminal:
Code: gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true











To set the original nautilus look again, run this command  in terminal:
Code: gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry false

Dash – Remove Dash Home shortcut icons

The eight icons displayed on the Dash Home screen before a search is performed need to be removed. They no longer serve a relevant purpose with the Dash and Launcher performing all required launching functions. Additionally user testing has shown that they are a cause of confusion and difficulty, as they launch programs but lack the other features inherent to the other icons that are present in the dash.

Desired Solution:  Remove the 8 large icon links on the Dash Home Implement the following two options for user testing, with a means to toggle between the two options for user testing:

Option 1: Replace with a default view (as used by the other Lenses) showing the following category headers: “Most Frequently Used Apps”, “Recent Files”, and “Recent Downloads”. The icons used for the category headers should be the same as used for the equivalent category headers in the Lenses.

Option 2: Do not replace the icons with anything, the Dash should vertically resize.

Replace the orange color in Ubuntu 11.10 (active color)

Replace the orange color in Ubuntu 11.10 (active color)
Install dconf-editor
Code: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools
Start the program press [Alt+F2] and then write dconf-editor and press enter.

Path: org => gnome => desktop => interface
Find the line “gtk-color-scheme” and add this string:

Here it is then simply choose the color you want yourself, I have adark blue color, then just replace the last color in the string (#023C88) to change the highlight color to what you want