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Keep virus software ClamAV/ClamTk updated

To keep ClamAv/ClamTk always updated, you can install the new ones ClamTk. Deb file versions from to always have the latest version, just remember that the new installation of ClamTk must first install the version available in Ubuntu repository!

But then you can also add a PPA for ClamAv Update, which allows the engine also keeps up to date .. You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:ubuntu-clamav/ppa to your system’s Software Sources.


Wallpaper with keyboard commands for Unity (mixed colors)

Those of you who want to learn desktop commands in Unity, good to have them right on your desktop. Wallpaper with keyboard commands in the Ubuntu Unity (mixed colors) download it.


Wallpaper-logo-Unity (mixed colors) 1920 x 1280 pixels.

Libre Office directly in the browser




Libre Office directly in the browser, but not only that, all GTK +apps will also work, look here: 

see here also: Michael Meeks has publicert a video on the Gnome website

Replace the orange color in Ubuntu 11.10 (active color)

Replace the orange color in Ubuntu 11.10 (active color)
Install dconf-editor
Code: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools
Start the program press [Alt+F2] and then write dconf-editor and press enter.

Path: org => gnome => desktop => interface
Find the line “gtk-color-scheme” and add this string:

Here it is then simply choose the color you want yourself, I have adark blue color, then just replace the last color in the string (#023C88) to change the highlight color to what you want